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A 2-hour never before heard interview with Stanley Kubrick from 1987

This interview was conducted by acclaimed author/journalist Tim Cahill for Rolling Stone magazine in 1987
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The Kubrick Series Uncut: Tony Zierra & Elizabeth Yoffe
Director Tony Zierra and producer Elizabeth Yoffe discuss their new documentary FILMWORKER about the life and contributions of Kubrick's assistant Leon Vitali.


An original podcast series produced by Movie Geeks United

Episodes 1 - 5
& Uncut Interviews

nterviews with a panel of over 60 special guests, including actor Matthew Modine,
actor Vincent D'Onofrio, Kubrick's long-time assistant and actor Leon Vitali, producer James B. Harris,
actor Malcolm McDowell, steadicam inventor Garrett Brown, actor Dan Richter, biographer Vincent LoBrutto,
author Mario Falsetto, writer/director Neil LaBute, director Peter Hyams, and cinematographer Larry Smith.

Detailed analysis and recounts of the entire Kubrick cannon from 'Fear and Desire' to 'Eyes Wide Shut'.

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Episode 1: The Journey to Strangelove

Trace the origins of Stanley Kubrick's stellar career - from Look magazine photographer
to director of early classics including 'Fear and Desire', 'Killer's Kiss', 'The Killing', 'Lolita',
'Paths of Glory', 'Spartacus' and 'Dr.  Strangelove'.

Guests include producer James B. Harris, actors Shane Rimmer, Shirley Douglas, and
Richard Anderson, biographers Vincent LoBrutto (Stanley Kubrick: A Biography) and Ed Sikov
(Mr. Strangelove), critics Erich Feursten and Keith Uhlich, authors Mario Falsetto (Stanley Kubrick:
A Narrative and Stylistic Ananlysis), critic Peter Biskind (Easy Riders, Raging Bulls), and Randy
Rasmussen (Stanley Kubrick: 7 Films Analyzed), Criterion Collection producer Curtis Tsui,
director and cinematographer Peter Hyams (2010: The Year We Make Contact), film analysts
Barry Krusch and Dean Treadway, film professor R. Barton Palmer (Clemson University),
and Movie Geeks United! co-hosts Jamey DuVall, Jerry Dennis, Chris Whetton and Aaron Aradillas.

Episode 2: The Ultimate Trip

Movie Geeks United! celebrates one of the towering achievements of the cinemtic medium -
2001: A Space Odyssey' - with behind the scenes anecdotes from key talents on the film and
detailed analysis from a panel of top film critics and authors.

Guests include actor Dan Richter (Moonwatcher), biographer VIncent LoBrutto, author Mario Falsetto,
author Randy Rasmussen, critic Keith Uhlich, director Peter Hyams, producer Robert Watts, film analysts
Barry Krusch and Dean Treadway, author Peter Kramer,  film professor R. Barton Palmer, Kubrick's
personal assistant Tony Frewin, critic Robert Castle, Movie Geeks United! host Jamey DuVall
and co-hosts Jerry Dennis and Chris Whetton.

Episode 3: A Bit of the Ultraviolence

'A Clockwork Orange' shocked and scandalized the world upon its initial release nearly 40 years ago,
and continues to maintain its immense power to this day.  

Guests include actor Malcolm McDowell, Kubrick's personal assistant Tony Frewin, film professors
Steve Mamber and R. Burton Palmer, biographer VIncent LoBrutto, authors Stuart Y. McDougal, Mario Falsetto,
Peter Kramer and Randy Rasmussen, critic Keith Uhlich, film and philosophy professor Daniel Shaw,
Movie Geeks United! host Jamey DuVall and co-hosts Jerry Dennis and Chris Whetton..

Episode 4: Picture Imperfect

One of the most beautifully photographed and haunting films ever made, our panel of special guests
explore the rewards of Kubrick's costume epic 'Barry Lyndon'.

Guests include actor and long-time Kubrick assistants Leon Vitali and Tony Frewin, writer/director
Neil Labute (Your Friends and Neighbors), assistant directors Andy Anderson and Brian Cook,
biographer Vincent LoBrutto, author Randy Rasmussen, critics Glenn Kenney, Robert Horton and
Keith Uhlich, film professor Steve Mamber, and Movie Geeks United! host Jamey DuVall.

Episode 5: Redrum

An assortment of Kubrick's closest collaborators and various critics and analysts examine the mysteries
of Kubrick's masterpiece of horror, which stands as his most mainstream and pleasing, yet deceptively cryptic works.

Guests include actor and Kubricks long-time personal assistant Leon Vitali, Steadicam inventor
Garrett Brown, biographer Vincent LoBrutto, assistant director Brian W. Cook, film critics Glenn Kenny,
Keith Uhlich, Robert Castle and Tony Macklin, personal assistant Tony Frewin, Stephen King authority
and author Tony Magistrale, authors Randy Rasmussen, R. Barton Palmer, Geoffrey Cocks, and
Mario Falsetto, film professor Steve Mamber, author and filmmaker Jay Weidner, ABC News reporter
Bill Blakemore, Warner Bros. marketing head Don Buckley, ROOM 237 filmmakers Rodney Ascher and Tim Kirk,
director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), film analyst John Krysko, Movie Geeks United! host Jamey DuVall and
co-hosts Jerry Dennis and Chris Whetton. 

 Episode 6: Born to Kill
Now in Production

Kubrick's final statement on the phenomenon of war has both entranced and perplexed
audiences and film scholars since the time of its release.

Guests include actors Matthew Modine and Vincent D'Onofrio, Kubrick's personal assistants Leon Vitali and Tony Frewin,
biographer VIncent LoBrutto, authors Jason Sanford, Harry Haines and Randy Rasmussen, critic Keith Uhlich,
Movie Geeks United! host Jamey DuVall and co-hosts Jerry Dennis and Chris Whetton, and many more.


Episode 7: FIDELIO



Matthew Modine, Neil LaBute, Peter Hyams, Dan Richter, Andy Armstrong,
Robert Horton, James B. Harris, Geoffrey Cocks, Jay Weidner, Bill Blakemore, Tony Magistrale,
Rodney Ascher, Tim Kirk, Tony Macklin, Lia
Beldam, Paddy Eason, Julienne Davis, Larry Smith,
Dennis Bingham, Harry W. Haines, Fay Masterson, Mario Falsetto, Daniel Shaw, Tony Frewin,
Leon Vitali, Doug Milsome, Barry Krusch, Robert Castle, Tim Kreider, Vincent LoBrutto, Don Buckley,
R. Barton Palmer, Brian Cook, Ian Watson, Keith Uhlich, Emilio D'Alassandro,
Curtis Tsui, Glenn Kenny, Keith Gordon, Vincent D'Onofrio, Christine Gengaro, Paul Whittington,
Steve Mamber
, John Fell Ryan, Randy Rasmussen